MSA Tier I Training

Required MSA Training

Tier I

All Rookie firefighters and above MUST complete the MSA Tier I training by Saturday September 24, 2016 in order to remain IDLH eligible! Below are the necessary details to sign in and take the online training.

MSA Training Website:

Your login is your email address. If you do not know the default password please ask your officers.

MSA U login

MSA University Login Screen

Complete the following 3 Modules to complete the Tier I training:

  • G1 SCBA Care & Use (Video)
  • G1 SCBA Presentation – Albemarle Fire & Rescue (PowerPoint)
  • Respiratory Protection Policy (PDF Document)

Each of these sections have a 10 question quiz at the end that must be completed. The training will take about an hour total.

If for some reason you do not have an MSA account, you do not see the correct modules on the login screen, or you fail the quizzes more than twice, then you must email Chief Knight ASAP so he can pass it along to MSA.

Those firefighters that have not completed the Tier I training by 24 September 2016 WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE NEW SCBA’s ON SCENE.

Tier II

Tier II (instructor led) training is currently available through the Fire Rescue Training Division website or in station crew level courses. DOTs and other members who have not yet taken Firefighter I will accomplish all of this training during their course, but are welcome to take the training if they want.