Resignation Letter

September 12, 2007

Dear Chief Smythers and members of STVFD:

It is with much regret that I submit my formal resignation from Station 8.
Being a member of such an awesome establishment was truly the highlight
of my college career. Besides meeting so many wonderful people, my time
at Seminole gave me tremendous respect for those who devote their lives to
the rescue services and also gave me the experience to feel secure in
pursuing a medical career.

I began medical school at VCU in Richmond at the end of August and
have realized that between classwork and clinical practice, I can’t
devote enough time to advancing my fire training up in Charlottesville.
Unfortunately, the MCV hospital doesn’t let me practice my Hurst tool
skills there either.

I would like to thank Kevin for getting me involved in Seminole Trail
and being an enthusiastic mentor during my time on B crew. Captain Knight
deserves a tremendous amount of my gratitude for all the extra hours
he put in during the evenings and weekends to help me advance and get
the practical experience necessary for fire academy, and I know E-crew
will continue to thrive under his leadership.

I think fondly of STVFD every time a fire truck goes by in Richmond,
and sometimes I even try to jump onto the back of it. I hope to
find my way back to Charlottesville and STVFD in the future, and
I hope I get visits from all of you (though preferably not all at once).

Courtney “C.Law” Lawrence